Mana Yoshinaga


(Koto player of Ikuta-style koto music and jiuta shamisen.)
She studied at Tokyo University of Arts with a major in Ikuta-style koto music and jiuta shamisen. After graduated, she formed the Japanese instrumental unit “Rin’”in 2004, making thier major label debut with avex. In 2006, the band made thier North American debut with the album "inland sea". 4 singles and 7 albums as Rin' and 2 albums as Mana Yoshinaga were released.
She has performed overseas in the U.S., France, Brazil, and China. Also she has performed for many famous artists in Japan and abroad, and has participated in many recordings for TV, anime, movies, games, and commercials. She has appeared on many TV, CM, and radio programs such as “Kohaku Uta Gassen” and “Daimeino-nai Ongakukai”. She has been active as a pioneer in the creation of new music using the koto, and has also devoted herself to the popularization of traditional Japanese music with her own students. She is a teacher of the Ikuta School of Koto Music Miyag, and also a member of the Miyagi Ensemble and Japan Sankyoku Association.