Kenichi Tajima


He began playing the shakuhachi at the age of 12, and studied under his father who is a shakuhachi master.
2006: Graduated from Tokyo University of Arts with majoring in shakuhachi .
2009-2012: Assistant Professor, Department of Traditional Japanese Music, Tokyo University of Arts.
2014: Awarded 69th Japan Arts Festival New Artist Prize for his first recital, and has given numerous performances of classical music throughout Japan and abroad.
In addition, he has collaborated with various genres of music such as classical, jazz, pops, etc., given special lectures on shakuhachi at educational institutions such as Tokyo University of Arts, Rissho University, and other events, conducted outreach activities, planned concerts, and written, directed, and directed music for musical plays. In addition to his activities as a lecturer at workshops using the Waterway pipes shakuhachi. He has been actively working in various fields to expand the possibilities of the shakuhachi. Also he is the leader of the Tajima Kenichi Orchestra, the general director of the traditional Japanese music unit “Yurubito”, the leader of the Tajima Kenichi Memorial Opera Company, the director of the NPO Association for the Promotion of Traditional Japanese Music, a member of the Japanese Instrument Orchestra Aoi, and a member of the Japan Sankyoku Association.